How soon do I need to make my alteration appointments?

As soon as you order your dress.  It often takes about 6-8 months for dresses to come in after they are ordered.  We are often booked out on our calendar about 8 months in advance.  But, don’t let that stop you from calling even if you are within that time frame, as appointments do open up on our calendar occasionally.  Booking right away will give you more options for appointment selection.

If you have purchased an off-the-rack dress, call that very day or as soon as possible.

How many appointments will be needed for the alteration process?

We typically book at least 4 appointments, as it usually takes that many to accomplish your perfect look, fit and feel.  However, some projects may take more and others less, depending on the scope of your project and what needs to be done to your dress.

How do I schedule my appointments?

The only way to schedule your appointments is over the phone with Heather. 

We do not schedule appointments through email, as there are multiple appointments for every bride and experience has revealed that scheduling through email is difficult and inefficient.

Heather is available for receiving and returning phone calls when she is not meeting with other brides in her studio.  If you are unable to reach her when you call, please be sure to leave a message and she will return your call at her earliest availability.

Can someone else schedule my appointments for me?

No. We do not schedule appointments with anyone other than the bride. 

While some may find this hard to understand, after decades of experience and working with 1000’s of brides, we have established this policy based on effiiency and clear expectations.


What do I need to bring to my appointments?

First of all, you need to bring your wedding shoes.  If they are pre-worn shoes, please let us know the first time you come.  The souls will need to be wiped off before wearning them in the fitting studio.

 Along with any of these three undergarments that you would be wearing with your dress on your wedding day:  any type of bra, any type of spanx and/or any type of crinoline.  Crinoline is the full slip that could be added to create a fuller look on your skirt.

If you haven’t done so already, visit our Home Page and scroll down to hear more on this subject from Heather.

How soon should I expect a response when I have called or emailed Custom Sewing by Heather?

That’s a great question.  Even though there are several members on our team, Heather is the only one who can answer specific alteration questions, as well as questions regarding pricing and appointment availability.  Since she is with brides either on the phone or in person for much of the day, it is not always possible for her to answer every call or email right away.  That said, we will make every attempt to respond to you within 48 hours, and sooner, if at all possible.

How long are my appointments?

Each appontment is booked in a 30 minute (maximum) time-slot.  Occasionally, the full 30 minutes are not needed.

How many people can I bring to my appointments?

Please bring no more than 2 adults due to the size of our studio.  We also ask that you do NOT bring children to your appointments. Let us just say here, that We LOVE children!  However, it is very important that we can focus on you and your dress without distraction at each of your appointments.  Thank you for understanding.

Where should I park when I get there?

Because Custom Sewing by Heather is located in a home in a residential neighborhood, we ask that you park either in the driveway (which is extra wide to accommodate clients) or on our business side of the street directly in front of our residence.  We just want to make sure we are not blocking any of our neighbor’s properties.

What do I do if I am running behind for an appointment?

The first thing to do if you know you are going to be late is to text or call Heather on her cell at 651-615-4377.

Because brides are booked back-to-back every half-hour, it is not always possible to adjust your appointment if you are going to be late.  Because each bride deserves our full attentiveness during her appointment, we try to not allow for interuptions to that time.

In cases where you are running too far behind to still keep your appointment, we will let you know when you call or text whether we can keep your original appointment or not  If not, we will reschedule a new appointment as soon as possible.

What is the average cost of wedding dress alterations?

The cost for alterations is determined only by what needs to be altered or redesigned on your dress.  Wedding dresses are custom fit, therefore, the need of every bride is different.  There is a cost per area worked on (i.e. bodice, hem, bustles, etc).  So calling to discuss is the best route.

Can I keep losing weight after we start our alterations?

Each bride is as different as her situation.  The best scenario would be to be maintaining by the time alterations begin, but there are exceptions and we will talk about your timeline during your appointment(s) as needed.

Are food or beverages allowed at my appointment?

No. As a protection for your wedding dress and the dresses of other brides, we do not allow food or beverages of any kind (including water and coffee), to be brought in the door.  Please inform anyone you invite to any of your appointments regarding this policy.  Thank you for your understanding.

What do you do with the extra fabric you cut off my dress?

All fabric that is cut off your dress is kept and given to you along with your dress at your pickup date. 

(Note: If you request to have the crinoline or tulle removed from your dress, we will discuss whether you want to take it with you at a future appointment or have us dispose of it.)

Do you automatically steam my dress before the final fitting and pick up date?

No. We do not automatically steam your dress.  However, steaming is optional with an additional fee that we can discuss at your fittings.

Do you require a down payment when I bring my dress to my first appointment and if not, when do I pay?

We do not require any kind of deposit or down payment when you drop off your dress.  No payments will be required until your alterations are completed to your satisfaction and when you pick up your dress at your final appointment.

What forms of payment do you take?

We take all major credit cards.  We also accept Cash.  We do not take checks.

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