Looking For The Best Wedding Dress Alterations in Minnesota?

In today’s world, we all have access to information at the touch of our fingertips that other generations did not have.   I remember the day that (wow, I’m sounding old here, right?) when a person was in need of a service, for instance, “the best wedding dress alterations in Minnesota,” that they went to the Yellow Pages (did I lose some of you here?), and looked at the business ads to see which particular business really stood out.

Some businesses even named their company just so they would come up at the top of the list in alphabetical order (i.e. AAA Wedding Dress Alterations).  Not so today.

The Internet Has Changed The Way We Search For Reputable Businesses

With the advent of the internet and an affordable web presence, most businesses understand the importance of giving potential customers the opportunity to “peak underneath the hood” before giving serious consideration to doing business with them.  Statistics show that a large percentage of shoppers visit the website first of any business they are considering partnering with.  Knowing this, we work hard to give those who visit our website enough information to make a qualified decision. You may have even ended up on this page by searching on Google for “the best wedding dress alterations” in Minnesota.”  I guess that means the robots have not replaced us yet (read our articleWill Robots Replace Wedding Dress Seamstresses?).

Well, Are We The Best Wedding Dress Alterations In Minnesota?

While we would like to think we offer the best wedding dress alterations in Minnesota, we know that would be entirely presumptuous and quite candidly, a little bit pompous, to say the very least.  We’ve looked and there are a number of great wedding dress alteration businesses scattered throughout the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota area.  So while we strive for excellence in all we do and compete against ourself to do our best, we do not lay claim that we are the best.  We do hope, though, that we are at the very least, “among” the very best wedding dress alterations businesses in Minnesota, located in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul.  At least that’s what we would like to think.

Oh, yeh, we’re not sure if it matters to you, but we have been a finalist in Minnesota Bride Magazine’s “Best of” in the category of “Best Alterations” for the last 4 years in a row (2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021), just in case you were wondering…  🙂

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